Custom artifact mounting and displays.

Mounting projects

A small collection of work we have performed.

Cradle mount for Glass sculpture Book Mounts, heat bent acrylic to precisely fit the book Inlet Fitting, We carve a fitting and use filler material to perfectly cradle the tang on the bottom of sculpture Wall Mounted Japanese baskets Duck Decoy display, museum style for an auction house Massive stone panel supports High security fitting, theft deterrent, seismic mitigation High stability mount, core drilled into the floor and anchored to withstand high forces Outdoor pedestal Polished brass base for a Marc Leuthold sculpture. Custom wood base hand carved by us Bent armature with color matched clips Weather vane display Large scale Traveling Atlas mount Totem pole Display example of Steel support armature Walrus Skull Bent Armature, skeleton display, conservation grade, Dinosaur armature, fossil display, paleontologist, prehistoric, archival, Museum Dinosaur armature, fossil display, paleontologist, prehistoric, archival, Museum, conservation Wind tunnel Model artifact mount Wind tunnel Model artifact mount, without model Asian horse support, conservation, strain relief, Wild cat skull armature Wind tunnel Model artifact mount, Modern art wall mounted armatures, exhibit mounts, archival Intricate bent armatures for multi piece display Saltro Soybean Display case,  Inlet base plate, Custom case, engraving Mask Armature, African Mask, Display stand Chrome cube stand, Machined brass, Cube display stand Outside Barn wall weather vane install, Art Installation Camel Rifle Display stand, artifact display Battery powered stained glass display,  Back lit display, Back lit showcase

About Us

Art Display Essentials Fabrication started in the custom mount making field over 30 years ago under the name 10-31 Incorporated.  With over 8000 square feet of production space dedicated to full-time mount making and a team of highly skilled mount makers.  We have grown significantly and we have learned countless techniques that empower us to serve you better. 

We are experienced with finding solutions for seismic-mitigating, traveling, theft-deterring mounts, textiles displays, acrylic book mounts, and nearly everything imaginable.

We work in a variety of materials, including brass, steel, acrylic and other specialty materials depending on the job. Collectively we have over 150 years of mount making experience in our building.  Unlike most mount makers we are capable of handling small artifacts, massive artifacts (weighing over 2 tons), and everything in between. 

What Makes a Good Mount?

A safe and secure mount should support and properly orient its object without causing damage, but also protect the object while on display.  Mount construction should incorporate the proper materials: steel for heavy objects, brass for delicate items, acrylic for books, and Ethafoam forms for textiles for starters.  A safe and secure mount should support its object without causing damage, but also protect the object while on display. Lastly, a well-designed mount should not distract from the display of its artifact. The delicate balance between safe display and optimal presentation drives the art of mount design. A mount should fully support the object yet not draw attention and so following the completion of mount making we color match the visible clips of all mounts to conceal them. 


Some of our capabilities include.


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Display projects

We design and fabricate an incredible diversity of pedestals and displays.

Riser and case with movable display for an inscribed ivory custom designed and built Ebonized pedestal metalic Bronze custom pedestal custom pedestals Duck decoy display, Museum style for auction Oak paneled pedestal to match a clients home Inlet riser German enigma machine pedestal and case textile case Stainless steel outdoor pedestal Column pedestal Custom Steel cage pedestal Twisted pedestal, an extremely difficult design to fabricate I beam Plinth taxidermy Display cases, Museum Quality cases unique pedestal design Pedestals and cases Open structure bronze pedestal unique shaped pedestal Bronze patina pedestals Wall artifact Support Brackets twisted pedestal Outdoor display Pedestal outdoor display Pedestal Oval pedestal Cake Boss display case Custom pedestal design Decoy display case with custom Mounts Brancusi pedestal Giacometti pedestal display Custom scrolled wood easel Custom wood easel Bronze easel Steel art table Curved Oak pedestals Fluted pedestal Tapered walnut pedestal Mahogany pedestal Decorator pedestal frosted acrylic pedestal Museum Display case and Mountings steel open pedestal mounts and steel tables Pedestals and Cases Steel table Steel table Steel contoured supports Pedestals and cases Memorabilia displays Articulated Japanese screen mount Articulated Japanese screen mount Stone pedestal and mount wood risers and cases Fluted, Double Ebonized, Mahogany Pedestal Blue Lacquer pedestal, Blue Lacquer, Base trim detail
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